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Save Energy by Installing a Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioner

The Mini split ductless air conditioner system works the same way a typical household or business air conditioning unit would work. The mini split ductless unit still uses refrigerate tube, suction tubing, power cable and condensation drain tube all enclosed in a conduit pipe that connects the outside unit to the inside air handling unit. This type of unit is easy to use in an environment where you would install a window unit. There are several advantages of installing these types of air conditioner units.

By having a ductless mini-split air conditioner you do not have to control the air conditioning in an entire structure. The main benefit is having the ability to only cool one or two rooms at a time that is being occupied. This is often referred to as zone cooling. Some popular buildings that these units may be installed are apartments that do have room for duct vents and additions that do not allow for duct work space between floors. The hook up for the conduit also only requires a three inch hole to be drilled on an exterior wall making it much easier to install.

The amount of energy that is saved by using a Mini splits ductless air conditioners unit is worth installing one. By not having to force air down duct work tubes reduces the amount of work the air handling unit blower has to do, and results in cooler air being delivered directly into the room. Having a duct work system also promotes the loss of efficiency by have the tubing running in non climate controlled atmospheres.

Mini splits ductless air conditioner units can run up to four units at a time. Since they can be installed on the wall or ceiling they can be place just about anywhere in a room. There are also floor mounted units that can easily be moved or taken with you on a job site. Another advantage this unit has over window units is safety, since the unit is small and does not have to be window mounted it reduces the number of entry points to a building.

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