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The Advantages of a Ductless Mini Split System

Are you looking for the convenience of window air conditioning units without the hassle of duct work installation? For those who live in an existing home, retrofitting the home with central air conditioning can be an expensive and messy proposition. Manufacturers realized this and came up with a unique solution to the problem. The invention of the ductless mini split air conditioning system was the result. These units are primarily used for cooling a home although some are able to provide heat also.

With a ductless mini split system, there is no need for a single refrigerant coil/air handler and central duct work. This system consists of an outdoor unit along with refrigerant lines. These lines are used to pipe the refrigerant to individual rooms or zones. Cool air is then blown into the room or zone through the use of a fan in the evaporator units. Wiring is run along with the refrigerant lines to make installation easier.

Installation can be done in less than a day by two technicians if you opt to go with one unit and a maximum of three zones. The indoor units which make up a good portion of your system are usually between six and eight inches deep, with the standard being seven inches. These units can be mounted flush on the ceiling or wall. You may also choose to have the units recessed in a drop ceiling if it is available. Many decide to upgrade to the remote control option as this makes temperature adjustments easier.

Ductless mini split systems have many advantages over both conventional cooling systems and window air conditioning units. When you install a ductless system in your home, you won't have distribution losses associated with conventional systems. These can be up to 25% less with the ductless version. The energy loss is reduced as ducts can be leaky. With no duct work to worry about, this is not the case. You are also able to control each zone separately. If you only use part of your home most of the time, you can opt to not cool the areas which are uninhabited. This will lead to significant energy savings. In addition, intruders can easily breach a window air conditioning unit. With ductless systems, the pipes are very small and won't allow for unwanted entry. Although you will pay more at the time of purchase, you can quickly recoup your saving when installing a mini split system. This is definitely a cooling method you want to check out.


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  1. Energy-Savings Operation
  2. Quiet Operation
  3. Quick Cooling: Strong emission of cool air reduces the ambient temperature quickly
  4. Intelligent Logic Auto Control: Senses various interior and exterior conditions and adjust to your preference
  5. Wireless Remote Control
  6. Dry Mode
  7. 3 Fan Speeds and Automatic Fan Operation
  8. Air Sweep Control
  9. Louver Control
  10. 24-hour ON/OFF Program Timer
  11. Night Setback Mode
  12. Automatic Restart Function after Power Failure
  13. Anti-mold Filter

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