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Why Choose a Mini Split Air Conditioning System?

For those who do not have central air conditioning in the home, summer can be a miserable time. You can either sweat in your own home or you can pay high electricity bills. Thanks to the invention of the Mini Split air conditioning system, this no longer has to be the case. These units provide a unique solution to the problem of no central air. You can have the cool home you always dreamed of without having your budget suffer as a result. This type of system combines the flexibility of room air conditioning units with the whole house cooling of a central air system.

Mini split air conditioning units cost more up front, but will save in your terms of energy usage. Leaky ducts are not a problem as refrigerant is carried through pipes rather than duct work. Also, when you control each area separately, you can cut the temperature up in certain rooms while decreasing it in others. No need to cool the entire house if you will only be using part of it. Not only will these systems save you in terms of energy costs, they are also much safer. Window units can provide easy access to intruders. With this type of system, a small hole is cut into the wall to run the wires and pipes. This prevents unwanted access.

Installing duct work in an existing home can be very expensive. With a Mini split air conditioner, no duct work is necessary. Refrigerant is piped to individual air handlers in rooms or zones making installation easier. Although this type of unit is used primarily for cooling, some can be used to provide heat also.

Installation of a mini split system usually takes two technicians and one day if you are installing one unit with three zones. Indoor units are approximately six to eight inches deep and options are available. You can have them mounted flush on the wall or ceiling or you may choose to have them recessed in a drop ceiling. With the third option, you may wish to go with remote control units for more control. Whichever way you do decide to go, a mini split system is a wise choice for home owners as you receive the convenience of cool air without the hassle of duct work installation.


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